Subcontract CNC machining, Tool & Cutter GRINDING, Hydraulic Ram and Plant repairs, Welding and Fabrication.

Our Grinding Services

DS Machining (Grinding) was established in November 2020 to run alongside the existing services provided by DS Machining Services. Ex employees of the former company C & G Tool and Cutter Co Limited, David Mullins and Malcolm Gardener joined DS Machining Services to compliment and expand the knowledge and services already available.

Various cutter tools and form tools ground down to be reused
Resharpened drill after regrinding
End mill and slot drill refurbished

Drill, Reamer & Tap Sharpening

That 1” BSP Tap you are trying to use by hand that is hard work. The 1” Drill that you have hand ground is clearly unhappy drilling that hole in stainless steel. They would both work a lot better if they were kept sharp. 9 times out of 10 you are probably throwing them away or stashing them away with all the other tools you don’t use because they are past their best.

DS Machining (Grinding) can sharpen, regrind or refurbish your tired tooling restoring them to their former glory.

End Mill & Slot Drill Refurbishment

Cutters get used - Cutters wear out. That is a fact and nothing can be changed if your tooling is broken through use or abuse. We can’t work miracles to restore it to its original condition. What DS Machining (Grinding) can do is remove the damaged part of the cutter by shortening the flute length or reducing the diameter. It wont be original, but is will be as good as, and at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

We can return your cutter to its original quality for a fraction of the price.

Cutter Modifications & Form Tools

Occasionally you may have a feature that cannot be produced by standard tooling. You might find in online, but in stock and available quickly - probably not. Here at DS Machining (Grinding) we can help. Send us your drawings and we will discuss your requirements, more than likely by modifying a standard cutter.

Custom tooling made quickly and to the highest quality.

Modified cutter tool dsmachining grinding